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 Computer FAQs

With all the people who are new to computers, it seems just as important to help everyone out on some of the more basic problems with computers.  I happen to use one in my line of work, so it is a tool for me, not a toy, nor a technological nightmare.  Sometimes it's just a regular nightmare.  Anyhow, I will try to offer my assistance to those who ask for it, and respond so all can benefit from the answers.  I may not know all the answers, but I know it sure seems that I've made most of the mistakes, which at least gives me a leg up in time on many of you.

Q: I have had problems connecting to the website on occasion.  What's the problem?

A: It seems that there are times that the web is just too congested to allow us to access the site we are trying to get to.  We have also experienced some problems more so with Netscape than with Explorer. If the response is Error 404 then this is most likely the problem, and there is nothing TCA, Inc. can do about it.  Sorry for the  problem, but as the net grows, this will be more commonplace.

Q: Now that the newsletter is available in PDF, how do I get access to it ?

A: When you receive your e-mail, it comes with a file attachment.  Since it is now being sent in PDF, it should be a smaller file with easier handling by all. Save the attachment to a folder on your computer, remember where it is saved, and then come back and try to open it with your Adobe Acrobat program. This is available as a download for free at .  It is available for both the Windows and MAC versions. Just follow the directions. Once you have loaded it, it will configure your Windows program to open it when you double click on the file name in Windows Explorer. It should open up right there for you, and you can either read it on your computer, or you can print it out or both.

Q: What is the best format for pictures to be saved ?

A: Without a lot of technical stuff, use JPG for photos, and GIF for everything else. JPG will give you a scalable quality to control the memory usage size, and at a memory usage well below most others. GIF is a good choice for everything else with added scalability of file size similar to JPG.  PDF is a good one for either, but most people can only read PDF, through the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader (see above).  These formats have all been around for a while and most picture programs can handle them with no difficulty.  There are so many equipment specific file types that only the owners of that equipment can use them.  Be careful of buying programs that come with a scanner that cannot change from their equipment specific file types to these (JPG, TIF, PDF), as you may have a program that no one but you can use.

However, TIF, BMP, PCX are but a few of the other formats that work almost as well.  As an example, take a look at the files that your word processor can import. This is a good first pass at learning some of the file formats that you can and should be using.

Q:  What is the best way to take pictures of my cat for registration purposes?

A: See our section on taking photos for registering a cat.



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