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With the information provided on this or related homepages, there is neither an expressed nor an implied warrantee of any kind provided by this Association or any of it's members, especially with regard to: 1) the soundness or health of any animal purchased, 2) the integrity of any breeder referenced, 3) the fitness of use or suitability for breeding or showing of any cat purchased, 4) the accuracy of any information provided. TCA has a voluntary Cattery Inspection Program, implemented through state veterinarians . The rating and approval is revocable in the event of deterioration in the conditions or care. All disclaimers apply regardless of the rating, due to lack of control over the cattery between inspections. Any use of this information is made with the knowledge that it is AT YOUR OWN RISK.  

Please contact the breeder of your choice for any references or guarantees that they may offer, for none are provided here. Any agreements are the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller. 

FEDERAL COPYRIGHTS: Diana Fineran holds recorded Federal Copyrights to the name of this Association, all of TCA, Inc. documents , Breed Names (except where noted), and Breed Standards (except where noted).  This includes the Breed names Traditional Abyssinian, Classic Balinese, Traditional Balinese, Classic Colorpoint Balinese, Traditional Colorpoint Balinese, American Shorthair, Authentic Bengal (Copyright - Karin Denoyan), Classic Burmese, Traditional Burmese, Classic Colorpoint Siamese and the Classic Colorpoint Shorthair, Traditional Colorpoint Siamese and The Traditional Colorpoint Shorthair, The Khao Manee, The Gao Taem, The Traditional Exotic Shorthair, The Traditional Korat, The Classic Korat, The Traditional Maine Coon, The Traditional  Manx©, The Original Himalayan, The Household Pet, The Nebelung, The Traditional Neva Masquerade©, The Ninlaret, The Traditional Norwegian Forest Cat, The Classic Oriental Shorthair© and Classic Oriental Longthair©, The Traditional Oriental Shorthair©,  The Traditional Oriental Longthair©, The Traditional Persian (Doll Face), The Traditional Pixie-Bob, The Traditional Ragdoll, The Classic Cornish Rex, The Traditional Devon Rex, The Traditional Selkirk Rex, The Classic Siamese, The Traditional Siamese, The Singapura (Copyright - Cathie Mchenry & Diana Fineran), The Traditional Somali, The Tiffany/Chantilly (Copyright - Tracy Oraas), The Traditional Tonkinese.

These Breed Names and Breed Standards are for the exclusive use of TCA, Inc. members only, unless otherwise noted. (see above).

Membership in, and all legal matters pertaining to The Traditional Cat Association, Inc. will be governed by the laws of the United States of America and the State of Washington where TCA, INC. is Incorporated, without reference to rules governing choice of laws.  Any action relating to The Traditional Cat Association, Inc. must be brought in the Federal or State Courts located in the State Capitol, of Tacoma, Washington, and all parties irrevocably consent to the jurisdiction of such courts.  Subject to this restriction, this will be binding on, inure to, and be enforceable against the parties and their respective successors and assigns. 


A court decision affecting TCA's future awarded an injunction against TACCI.  Go here for the details.

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