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The Thai Cat - They are at it Again
 BY DIANA FINERAN COPYRIGHT 2012 All Rights Reserved

Receipt of further propaganda compels me to add further to my opinion about the tica thai expressed earlier on our web site.  

As I have explained earlier, the tica thai is fraudulently proclaimed to be a Siamese. In reality it is a Colorpoint Shorthair.  The Siamese and the Colorpoint Shorthair are separate, respected and honored breeds, each with it’s own Breed Standard.  The main difference is that the Siamese comes in 4 recognized, solid colors. The Colorpoint Shorthair has the 4 colors as well as Red Point and the patterns of Lynx Point, Tortie Point andTorbie Point.   These additional patterns and color come from the fact that the Colorpoint Shorthair is a cross between a purebred Siamese and a street cat, American Shorthair or British Shorthair.  There are suttel differences in personality as well. Thus the Colorpoint Shorthair is not and can not be represented as a PUREBRED Siamese.

What tica has done is disenfranchise (thrown away) the Siamese breed and the Colorpoint Shorthair breed and put them together in a mish mash breed they call the thai!  On top of that they are telling the world they are a “pure bred Siamese”!  Of coarse, to all good reasoning this is fraud and an out right lie!  In so doing tica has obliterated centuries of lineage, precious pedigrees, registrations, and famous cats who were magnificent, pure bred specimens, furthering and preserving the breed.  The birds/tica’s creation is an insult to decades of dedicated breeders, who labored to import cats and to keep their breeding stock pure.

What about their customers, who believe the hype and buy into their lies to purchase a cat or kitten who they are told to believe is a purebred Siamese?   They are being taken by a scam for sure!  There should be real public outrage over this poisonous deceit. 

Why create a name for two breeds who are already accepted and in place for decades?  The reason is they can now change and deform the cats!  The enclosed photo proves they certainly are at it again.  What they call the thai is now an Extreme Wedge Colorpoint Shorthair! There is nothing in that photo that remotely resembles the Old Style, Original Siamese in any way.  On genetics alone it is an imposter. This heinous crime is based upon greed and ego mania by those involved. 

All of the other cat associations have perpetually changed every breed they have touched, often to atrocious deformity.  We must ask:  What does changing every breed do?  What does changing every breed not do?  What will changing every breed do in the future?   Will they change the Persian and Burmese so their noses are 2 inches above their eyes?  Will they change all the long hair breeds into being hairless?  Will they change all hairless breeds into long hairs?  Will they change the American Shorthair into a leg-less cat (they have already accepted he Munchkin!) Will they completely devour the Traditional Turkish Angora from the U.S.?  Well!  They already did that once by inter-breeding them with the Traditional Person until there were no Traditional Turkish Angoras left in the U.S.  What other breeds will be changed into something they have never been? It is historically proven that all of the other cat associations play fast and loose with deformity and absurdity.   The sky is the limit for all of the other cat associations.  There is no punishment for their monstrous policies. All of this proves their poisonous registry and toxic breeding practices are severely questionable! Their Registries are not trustable. Their policies are a parade of stupidity.

It would be wonderful if their breeders and customers would become educated to have their eyes opened to such dishonesty and misrepresentation.  

TCA, INC. WARNS everyone to stay away from any association and any breeder who  lists the thai on their web site or in any advertising. Once you see it walk away and move on to the real breeders, who represent themselves honestly, which are given on the TCA, INC. Breeders List.  Our Registry is impeccable.

Their attitude that every breed has to be changed repeatedly, opens a Pandoras box of exactly what TCA, INC. stands against.   TCA, INC. wants nothing to do with such monstrous practices.  TCA, INC. is here as a positive force for good.  Our Motto is followed with passion and resolute determination to save and preserve each breed as it original was.  All of us involved are gloriously doing so. 

The Traditional Cat Association, Inc. is the ONLY association maintaining PURE breeds PURE. There is no higher calling than to preserve each breed for all generations to come to enjoy.


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