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 TCA, Inc. - 
An Announcement/Update

It is incumbent upon me to let all TCA, INC members know that The American Cat Association (ACA) is ILLEGALLY using my BREED NAME, TRADITIONAL SIAMESE on her (Irene Gizzy) web site and in her association and registry.  This Breed Name is Federally Copyrighted and Federally Trademarked to me only, Diana Fineran, because I  created it years ago and it is the basis for TCA, INC.'s existence.    Irene Gizzy-ACA, has NO PERMISSION to use my Breed Name. 

Two of my over 90 Federal Copyrights are:  Breed Standard Directory, which contains my Breed Name, Traditional Siamese, is  TX 5-603-647.  For our Web site it is  TX 5-346-313.  I also hold Copyrights to our "Constitution and By-Laws, Registry and Show Rules" and many many more.  All of my Copyrights were filed and accepted years before Irene Gizzy started running ACA! This gives me the right to all TCA, INC. documents and breed names, including the breed name, Traditional Siamese.

The Breed Standard Directory is a Book.  When a book is Copyrighted, every word in it is included in that copyright.  That is why my Breed Name, Traditional Siamese, and all other Traditional and Classic Breed Names, are Federally Copyrighted to me, Diana Fineran. 

Years ago, when Susie Page was running ACA, I notified her of my Federal Copyrights and Federal Trademarks. Susie Page did write, saying she would honor them.  Irene Gizzy has ignored my "Cease and Desist" letters - not even acknowledging receiving them!  Evidently she feels she is above the law! I regard her actions as criminal robbery.  She is making money off of what I created!

A bit of ACA history is needed now.  On the first page of her web site Irene Gizzy brags about being connected with the Beresford Cat Association.  This did not come about with any honesty either!  What happened was a group of Beresford Cat Association members robbed the Association of money and records and then began ACA.  Shortly after the robbery the Beresford Cat Association ceased to exist.  I have done lengthy research into the histories all of the other cat associations.  The full details are in my book

In summation:  I have a legal right to protect myself and TCA, INC. from Irene Gizzy's violation and subsequent robbery.  So to PROTECT YOURSELF from any legal action, it is my recommendation to  avoid any contact with this dishonest association.

In addtion ACA is not a full service association.  TCA, INC. is a full service association, always operating with honesty and integrity. Irene Gizzy is putting anyone who does business with her in jeopardy of being drawn into a law suit that will last years and cost in the thousands.  TCA, INC. does no such thing.  We are always looking out for our members in a protective way and offering vital information when needed, as we are doing now. 

It is long past the time to put ACA out of business due to years and years of dishonesty. Since she refuses to operate honestly then she shouldn't be in business at all.

I present this vital information as my opinion and through my knowledge of Federal Copyright and  Federal Trademark laws.

I invite your comments and questions.

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Last Updated: 06/06/24

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