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One of our Charter Members, who has maintained the integrity of her breeding cats through our Registry from the beginning, is Judith A. Heberlig of Applecat Acres, 200 Mt. Rock Road, Newville, PA. 17241, (717) 776-3319 .  Running a cattery breeding top quality Traditional Siamese, Jude is dedicated to producing strong, healthy, vigorous kittens, that represent closely the Breed Standard of perfection for the breed. In short, her cats are gorgeous, with strong immune systems to ensure new owners a healthy fur family member.  Jude is always willing to share her breeding quality kittens with other, carefully selected breeders to enhance their bloodlines.  Also, Jude is committed to introducing new bloodlines to her line to avoid inbreeding.


Jude’s journey began a decade and a half ago with such startlingly beautiful cats as the Males “Applecat Acres Purkin”, “Applecat acres Tucker”, “Applecat Acres Mikki”, and “Applecat Acres Thai-Rone”. These males were big boned and had such well balanced body structure, lovely heads and large blue eyes! Based mainly on Seal Point lines, enhanced by the females “Pansy Puss of Applecat Acres”,  “Pearl of Applecat Acres”, “Applecat Acres Thai-Chin” and “Applecat Acres Polly” Jude’s cattery rapidly earned a reputation of producing excellent Traditional Siamese. Eventually Jude expanded into Blue points through “Apple Cats Blue Puma”, a smoothly proportioned and large female. Every once in a while today, Jude will have a Lilac Point too!

Having garnered such an awesome arsenal of exceptional breeding Traditional Siamese took a practiced eye, determined selection and a commitment to the breed that has brought Applecat Acres an illustrious reputation. 

Currently under construction is an expansion to the stud quarters, which are self contained, with spacious, heated indoor quarters and attached, individual outdoor exercise fenced pens.  Each male enjoys living space geared with an eye toward luxury and pampering.

It was photos of Jude’s Traditional Siamese, among others, that guided me in writing the Breed Standards for the breed many years back.  I must say that she has maintained and even surpassed the superiority of her Traditional Siamese over the years.  



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