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PRISSEY - Click on picture to enlarge

October 2001 - Our first presentation of our Exemplary Sires and Queens is Prissey. Prissey was the Best Traditional Siamese Cat in or 1990 show, and was owned by Lorene Evans from Marlin, Texas. Unwavering, true love for her precious cats and enthusiastic appreciation of TCA, Inc. set Lorene apart. We were always close friends.

Lorene has since passed away, but her support of the Traditional Cats lives on though the bloodlines of her Prissey.


By Dorothy Fitzpatrick

Earlier we did a presentation about Loreen Evans in this section. Dorothy has so nicely added to it.

"The enclosed photos are of my Queen. I want to tell you that Queen is a "person" cat. She is so smart and she talks all the time. We carry on a conversation. She does a "wah-wah" talk, which is a low sort of raspy talk. She talks over the telephone and listens for a response.

wpe2.jpg (12423 bytes)

She understands a lot I tell her and when she wants me to come to bed at night she coos and pulls on me. Sometimes Queen wears a charm necklace with bells, and fish and rabbit charms on it. She gives and gets kisses when asked too. I keep a large carrier near the door on a bookcase and she tries to get up and get the carrier down to go out doors.

She is an indoor cat. Mrs. Evans said Queen’s grandmother was a talker. When I got her, she was a tiny, tiny baby. I was to get one from an earlier litter but a person from Germany got that kitten. That kitten won a lot of first places in Europe, was featured in an Ad (TCA’s add) in a cat magazine. Mrs. Evans said that cat was Queen’s half sister.


I just love my "baby". She weighs 11-12 pounds and she is so much company.

I also have a big shorthaired cat that is long and tall. Ozzie comes from Massachusetts. My grand daughters’ landlord was allergic to cats, so she sent Ozzie to me on an airplane. Whe is a very sweet cat, but does not do what Queen does. They do not get along very well, even though I’ve had Ozzie for 4 years. I love Ozzie too."

Koho 2.jpg (256790 bytes)KOKO MOON OVER MIAMI
Click on picture to enlarge

TCA, INC. began due to my search for the Original, Old Style, Traditional Siamese I had had before. This quest of John & I began in 1985 and continued on with no results until I wrote a letter to CATS Magazine (now out of business). The publication of my letter resulted in responses from 19 breeders. 

Eddie Proud Papa.jpg (216691 bytes)SHI CHOU CHOOCH OF MIETZE. Call name EDDIE.
   Click on picture to enlarge

The kitten we decided on was Appleseed Mi Serenity of Tullycrine, and her breeder was Laura Kelley. Serenity is still very much with us today, enjoying the blissful life of the Tullycrine family.

Bran - bro of Sren.jpg (305176 bytes)Serenity’s Brother Rama
 Click on picture to enlarge

Laura Kelley had dedicated herself to gathering quality, breedable, adult Siamese, of the types that I named Traditional Siamese and Classic Siamese. As all of us know the numbers of these valuable cats were very few, so her acquisitions were few and far between. 

koho.jpg (151295 bytes)Koko - Serenity’s Dam
Click on picture to enlarge

Though Laura’s was a small cattery, the cats within it were of extreme value to the breed. The true test of an ethical breeder is to breed only the cats that are of good quality instead of breeding anything that moves. Laura was totally true to this ideology.

Edie & Daughter.jpg (298191 bytes)Eddie with Laura’s Daughter
Click on picture to enlarge

Our friendship began over the purchase of Serenity. I enjoyed many long phone calls, and letters back and forth with her as I started TCA, INC. She became one of our first Charter Members. All of her cats were registered. Her cattery continued on until she passed away. This presentation is being done in honor of Laura Kelley and her contribution to the breed. I am now sharing Serenity and her family with you.

Serenity01.jpg (871982 bytes)APPLESEED MI SERENITY OF TULLYCRINE. Born 7, 26, 87
Click on picture to enlarge

TCA, INC Registration number CS-0014-01-S/S



Featuring Shadow Stalkers Charlie and Sammy.

Being recognized as part of those who played a major role in bringing the Traditional Siamese back from near extinction are the following Foundation Mom and Dad of Shirley Shuman’s Cattery. Their high quality is so evident.

CharlieShuman.jpg (12030 bytes)


SammyShuman.jpg (9122 bytes)











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