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       As the Founder of this organization, I would like to welcome you to the Traditional Cat Association, Inc. (aka TCA, Inc.). TCA, Inc. is the only cat association dedicated to Protect, Preserve, Perpetuate and Promote the Traditional and Classic Cat. This is our motto. Our goal is to bring back from near extinction and preserve forever the old, original type of cat in each breed. We treasure these Traditional cats because they have displayed better health, increased longevity, a lack of lethal genes and because of this, they become more people centered than the extreme types of each breed. Other cat associations support the "modern Style" that has been bred to have many extreme traits that often translates into many health problems. 


       TCA, Inc. got its start when I founded it as a result of starting a search to purchase a Siamese kitten similar to the ones I had known in my youth. Astonished and disturbed by the unfamiliar and grotesque cats I encountered at two American cat shows, I realized that there was nothing to stop cats of even the most wonderful breeders from being changed over time. I wrote a letter to CATS Magazine, which was published worldwide. I wanted to know if anyone was still breeding Siamese cats of the old kind that I remembered. Only 19 breeders responded. I listed the 19 breeders on one page and mailed a copy to each of them, encouraging them to work together to save the Traditional type of Siamese. I found my kitten, "Appleseed My Serenity" and thought I was done. Soon a flood of requests for my "Breeders List" poured in. TCA, Inc. was founded by myself in March of 1987. Our Association and Registry is devoted to bringing the original, Traditional Cat of many breeds back from extinction. Find out more under a History of TCA in it's own section, or in my forthcoming book, What ever happened to the Siamese Cat? 


       Nearly all of the original breeds of cats became established over 100 years ago in Great Britain. Those early breeds became popular because they were large, robust, beautiful and long-lived cats with great personalities. Unfortunately cat associations worldwide have done nothing to ensure that the original, Traditional type of each bred was preserved. An ideal individual cat of each breed is described in a Breed Standard. Both the Breed Standard and the way it is interpreted at the cat shows of all of the other cat associations can change. TCA, Inc. does not allow any Breed Standard to be changed once it is under our protective umbrella. 

       Fads and fashions in feline appearance are often started by a few breeders looking for a competitive edge at cat show, and a more extreme cat soon comes to dominate the breed. Breeding forever more extreme traits can lead to cats being produced that are unhealthy, genetically unsound, and unappealing to pet owners. Examples are the extremely flat faces of modern Persians and Himalayans, as well as the extremely round domed skulls of modern Burmese. Breeding for these extreme traits has resulted in many cats with deformed, overflowing tear ducts; dental problems, and for modern Burmese, kittens frequently born with cranialfacial birth defects. It is TCA, Inc.'s contention that breeding for such extreme traits is inhumane and is not necessary to improve the appeal of any breed. Other associations do nothing to prevent irresponsible breeding of this type. TCA, Inc. does. 


       TCA, Inc. is a non-profit organization that exists to preserve the original, Traditional style cat of every breed. To do this TCA, Inc. provides a registry, a cat show, which is open to Traditional and Classic breeds and Household Pets. Our Kitten Referral Service provides a list of breeders worldwide. All members receive an informative Newsletter. 

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